Heart Warming Winter Drinks: Scottish Posset

Scottish Posset

Last year I experimented with old recipes and, surprise surprise, didn’t find traditional possets pleasing at all. Well, I don’t mind curdled milk, but not with hot alcohol like ale or sherry. The only variation I enjoyed was my own “invention” — hot frothed milk flavored with honey (or caramel) and whiskey. Not curdled. This winter I spent more time researching hot milk and whiskey drinks and found Scottish Posset and Scáiltín. There is very little information available about them. I do not know how traditional or popular they are now. The only difference between the Scottish Posset and “my” recipe is the thickener. I used Xanthan gum instead of oatmeal. I couldn’t resist to modify the recipe a little, There is no reason to strain oats, if you have a good blender. They add velvety viscosity to the drink.

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Islay. Bowmore. Craeg Uisge Beatha

Craeg Uisge Beatha (Scottish Whiskey Mountains)

Distilled alcohol was known in Latin as aqua vitae and translated to Scottish Gaelic as uisge beatha (ускеба, произносится слитно, ударение на “у”). A Scottish gaelic craeg is steep rugged mass of rock, especially a cliff or vertical rock exposure in the north of England or in Scotland. So, I named this dessert whiskey mountains.

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The Feast of Seven Fishes: Whiskey-Cured Tuna

Bourbon-Cured Tuna

In Texas, we are familiar with cured salmon, but don’t see much cured tuna. The taste, texture, and fatness of yellowfin tuna loin steaks differ from salmon, so does the result of curing it, even if you use the same recipe as for gravlax. In this recipe salt dehydrates tuna to a thick marmalade consistency during 24 hours of curing. Whiskey and spices contribute their specific flavors. If you use a peaty scotch or a combination of bourbon and Lapsang Souchong tea, you will have a note of smokiness in final product.
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