Lindsey G. Mar 30, 2019
This was such an incredible experience!! I highly recommend hiring Kate for any and all occasions. We did the Sushi class for 2. She spends time ensuring you have the best experience possible. She is so knowledgeable and is incredibly talented. We enjoyed chatting with Kate about our shared passion for food. Can’t wait to take another class!!!

Tracy M. Jan 7, 2019
Katya is AWESOME. My daughter and I had a fantastic time making vegan food. She is incredibly knowledgeable and a wonderful person.

Joice C. Sep 28, 2018
Kate was a true professional, and fun to boot! She responded immediately and professionally. We were doing a sushi cooking lesson with my 11-year-old niece and she was kind and patient and an excellent teacher. She was completely prepared. Kate has incredible communication skills and we were able to follow her directions and learn from her easily. It was a blast.

Ray W. March 3, 2018
My experience with Kate has been fantastic. I was looking for a relatively rigorous set of classes to understand the fundamentals of cooking. Kate has delivered this in spades. She has been able to customize classes to my current level so I’m not doing things I already know, and as a result, she is able to transfer a lot of knowledge during the classes.

Coming in my expectations were to learn more about the ABCs of actually cooking – I didn’t expect to have fancy results quickly. However, with her diverse experience, Kate provides the full picture, from the cultural background to the cooking mechanics and chemistry, to an interesting final dish that incorporates the new technique and is easily impressive enough to serve to a guest.

I have learned at least as much about ingredients, cuisines, and practical home cooking as cooking techniques, which is significantly harder information to the source. It’s one thing to watch an Alton Brown video about how to make rice, it’s another to learn where to buy the best sushi rice in Austin, why it matters, etc. I would recommend Kate for any skill level and for any number of classes, as she tailors the experience to the situation well, but I think she particularly stands out for this cultural and practical depth that I don’t believe any given competent chef would necessarily have.

Ellen M. Jan 11, 2018
We had a fantastic experience with Kate at my home. I can’t say enough great things about her. Four of us thoroughly enjoyed our Thai cooking lesson and a delicious meal afterward. She was extremely knowledgeable and shared many great tips. She was personable and fun to be around, too. I can’t wait to schedule another lesson for a different cuisine; she has many different areas of expertise.
Kim S. Jan 9, 2018
We learned how to make gluten free and dairy free dumplings. It was fun and easy.

Jimmie D. Nov 7, 2017
Kate takes the time to not only teach about cooking but also explain why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Deborah A. Sep 19, 2017
Learned many new things in such a short time
I learned many new things in such a short time. It was fun and educational and I am looking forward to the next step.

Karen M. Apr 8, 2017
Tapas anniversary party
Very enjoyable evening! We learned a lot and had a very satisfying meal with great company. Truly entertaining.

Lynn P. Mar 11, 2017
Fun private cooking class
My daughter and I had a cooking class, making pasta with three sauces. Very nice and patient. We thoroughly enjoyed our time and would do it again. Highly recommended!!!

Tracy C. Mar 3, 2017
Perfect food and an unforgettable experience
Kate is an amazing chef and her food was fresh, unique, and delicious. She prepared a meal for a baby shower and it was so special that this is a memory that my friends will never forget. She was kind, and nice and very knowledgeable of food.

Sam B. Feb 15, 2017
Educational Food Fun!
We had a wonderful time with Kate. Her approach is very educational and is based on her passion for food, which is contagious. She takes the time to explain the background of every detail and does a lot of taste testing of ingredients, sauces, etc. I liken the experience to reading a good book with heavy character development in the beginning that makes the rest of the book (the actual cooking experience) that much more enjoyable later on. I’ve done other cooking classes that were a lot of fun, but I came away learning MUCH more in this one, while still having a good time. I highly recommend Kate.

Graham O. Jan 8, 2017
Really Wonderful Experience.
Really glad we took a class from Katya – she was very thorough and a great teacher. Her kitchen was fantastic for a lesson. The value for the price was just amazing. Looking forward to visiting her again.

Ed P. Dec 22, 2016
Private Sushi Class for 5 – good results.
Katya did a great job of checking out our wants and experience before committing to a sushi class in our kitchen. When she arrived, she adapted well to our environment and even adjusted her agenda to our distracted ladies-night group. Her experience as a chef and instructor were clear from her comportment, emphasis on safety, and tips on shopping and selection of ingredients and spices. She transmits a great understanding of the cooking process, how you can adjust for preferences, and I look forward to more of her classes and meals.

Kari A. Dec 13, 2016
Wonderful Experience
I attended a Wedding Shower here and everything was the best!

Anna D. Dec 13, 2016
Delicious, beautiful, and educational experience
A truly wonderful hostess who served us delicious food and fascinated us with her stories of cooking! Amazing experience.

Evgenia W. Dec 13, 2016
Intellectual Spin on Food
We went for a bridal shower and were stunned by the amazing host Katya, who not only prepared a fantastic tea ceremony with delightful sour and sweet finger food but also supplemented it with a verbal tour of the ingredients that came from all over the world. She told us about their origins, and (importantly) places to find them in Austin. Besides, she answered our questions with great enthusiasm and impressive thoroughness. She is not just an excellent chef, she is a very knowledgeable person, who sparks interest in people. I loved the experience, and cannot wait to learn more from her stories and demonstrations!

Angie M. Jul 27, 2016
Awesome experience, lots of good information provided, detailed explanations on every step of the cooking process, will hire her again!

Tamara K. Jul 27, 2016
The most doable, understandable, and classy classes – though the result looks fancy and you cannot believe that you actually made it. Highly recommend!

Susan R. Jul 26, 2016
Have taken several cooking classes with Katya. Each one better than the last. Fun, informative, and serious cooking.

Larisa A. Jul 26, 2016
I took Katya’s class on making Chebureks (kind of Russian pies). It was an amazing experience at her high-level kitchen. Katya is a very thoughtful, very neatly prepared for a class instructor. I learned several cooking “tricks” while learning how to make Chebureks. The class was a real fun! I actually made them at home three times after the class though I am not a good cook generally. Every time I had questions, Katya promptly answered to my texts in detail. Now I know I can really please a guest with a wonderfully tasted dish, thank you, Katya!

Masha O. Jul 26, 2016
Katya’s class in the Thai food series was fantastic! So much detail on culture, ingredients, methods, presentation! And of course, the meal itself was a great treat. Cant’s wait to learn more from Katya!

Michi S. May 17, 2016

Our experience with Kate was phenomenal! She cooked a delicious meal for 15 people. 5 teen girls and 10 adults. A vegetarian, a gluten free, and my husband that doesn’t like white creamy sauces! She was able to make a delicious meal that we could all enjoy and didn’t have to skimp on anything! Our first coursed was her watermelon gazpacho- BIG success! EVERYONE couldn’t stop talking about it! Second course: Edamame hummus with chips and burrata and tomato salad. So good! Our main dish was a Pork Wellington that was moist and so delicious! We had some mushrooms and caramelized cauliflower that was simple but so full of flavor we all just raced at the exquisite taste and how it paired so well with the Wellington. For dessert L, Kate prepared a vegetarian/gluten free chocolate mouse and a to die for pastel de calabaza! My husband and I enjoyed it so much that we have asked Kate to come back in June to cook for us again before our daughter’s graduation for a small family gathering. We can’t wait for that dinner! We highly recommend Kate. She was so careful to listen to our special dietary needs and suggested our menu to reflect her care.

Laci H. Feb 7, 2016

We just left our private cooking class at Katya’s kitchen and we couldn’t wait to write her a great review! This cooking class far exceeded our expectations. We had a call with Katya a couple weeks before our class to talk about what was important to us, and she tailored a class around our needs. She purchased all the ingredients, made a nice printout with recipes and tips, and was very thorough every step of the way. Like another student said, she made us feel like guests in her home rather than clients. We loved that she gave her personal recommendations for ingredients and cooking tools that it has taken her many years to figure out, so we can start our road to becoming cooking experts from a much better place. Thank you Katya! We will see you again!

Jay V. Dec 23, 2015

Learned how to make an apple pie/tart and crust from scratch (in preparing for Thanksgiving). I decided to do a one-on-one lesson in my own kitchen. She brought everything we needed and took the time to teach me all I wanted to know about why things are done a certain way which for me was great. She was professional, patient, and kind. I would definitely use her again when I want to learn how to make another dish.

Roxan R. Jan 25, 2015

The cooking experience at the Lyukum cooking lab was amazing. It is held in her beautiful kitchen at her beautiful home, where you feel like you are out on a country estate, Kate is very easy to work with and her goal is to give you the best cooking experience you can imagine! She is very thorough, explaining what and why she is doing what she is doing and Kate uses very high-quality ingredients. It is definitely a first class operation!

Vicki Z. Dec 16, 2014

Kate has been very creative and responsive to our group’s ideas for cooking classes. Her passion for cooking and teaching really shows in all she does. Her kitchen lab is gorgeous. Friends and I attended a tasting demo and found the food to be amazing and Kate’s warm hospitality to be top notch!

Mary C. Nov 25, 2014

Kate did a crepe class for 6 women at her home. It was so informative: cutting techniques, two ways to use leeks, practical info on ingredients, and presentation skills. The hands-on chance to make crepes and three stuffings left us all so confident.


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