Cameron Stovetop Smoker

Cameron Stovetop Smoker

Duration: 4 hours

Number of students: 4-8

Pricing: $75 per person

Price includes expert instruction, demo, and small plates of smoked meals at the end of class.

Do you like smokey flavor? Do you know that it takes no longer than 15 minutes to make most of the smoked dishes with stovetop smoker? If you own Cameron’s stovetop smoker or think about adding it to your kitchen cookware collection, join this class! I own Camerons for more than 10 years and use it for making smoked meat, poultry, dairy, fruit, vegetables, grains — almost anything. I’ll share my experience, tips, and tricks I learned over years. Come to see how quick and easy it is to use this smoker.

Covered Topics

  • About Cameron Stovetop Smoker
  • Cooking methods with smoke
  • What you can and can’t smoke with Camerons
  • Basics and how to control the process
  • Smoked food ideas — expand your menu
  • Tips and tricks — how to take care of your smoker

Cooking Class Menu Options (your choice of 3)

  1. Poultry: Applewood smoked chicken breasts stuffed with seasoned and herbed apples
  2. Pork: Hickory smoked baby ribs
  3. Lamb or beef: Smoked burgers
  4. Fruit: Appetizers with smoked plumcots, Delice de Bourgogne brie, and fresh thyme
  5. Seafood: French omelette with smoked scallops
  6. Vegetables: Shakshuka with smoked tomatoes
  7. Vegetables: Mashed smoked potatoes
  8. Grain: Smoked hominy grits with prawns and ramps pesto
  9. Legumes: Smoked hummus

Appearance. Please make sure your nails are well groomed and clean. If you have long hair, tie it back or cover it. Have comfortable clothes and shoes. I’ll provide you with an apron.

Please, let me know if you have any food or kitchen chemicals allergies.

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