acharuli khachapuri (about)
Freshly baked crusty bread stuffed slightly salty cheese curds and a runny egg yolk.
OR jingalov hats (about)
Armenian flat bread stuffed with a variety of fresh greens.
OR qutab (about)
Very thin Azerbaijani flat bread stuffed with greens and served with yogurt sauce with herbs and spices.
OR ossetian pies (about)
Ossetian pies are thin and round closed pies with fillings that are half of soft salty sheep cheese and half of something else. That something else is reflected in the name of the pie and makes its flavor.

eggplant pkhali (about)
Pkhali (ფხალი) is a signature Georgian appetizer. Its consistency is similar to pesto and tapenade. Pkhali’s main ingredients are cooked vegetables and walnuts mixed with traditional herbs and spices. Georgians are fond of greens. Many pkhali recipes include leaf cabbages/lettuces, chard/beetroot greens, or spinach. “Pkhali” is, actually, a Georgian name of chard.


megrelian kharcho (about)
Kharcho (ხარჩო) is a traditional Georgian meaty soup or stew. My version of kharcho is based on beef and thickened with walnuts. I use authentic dry spices and herbs, and fresh parsley and cilantro.


grilled lamb t-bones with red tkemali sauce
Tkemali (ტყემალი) is the Georgian name for a sour plum known as cherry or myrobalan plum (lat. Prunus cerasifera). Famous pungently tart Georgian sauce Tkemali is made of this plum puree mixed with herbs and spices.


kada, churchhkhela, white cherry murraba, pelamushi (about)
Traditional Georgian sweets and/or pastries.
OR badambura (about)
Azerbaijani almond puff pastry

tarhun (about)
Traditional Georgian tarragon flavored soda.

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