Order: at least 2 days in advance

Pricing: $45-$300 depends on the size/number of tiers, ingredients, and decoration

Delivery: $12 (ATX) frozen or refrigerated OR pick up at Lyukum Cooking Lab for free

Cakes Portfolio

All cakes are made with high-end, organic ingredients. Gluten-free cakes include: Pavlova, Japanese Soufflé Cheesecake, Esterhazy. The most popular cakes are Honeycake (aka Medovik), Hazelnut Cloud (aka Nuage de Noix, hazelnut and brown butter cake with mascarpone-based praline flavored cream), Italian Torta di Carrota (admired for its bright golden sponge flavored with lemon and orange zest).

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Customization. You are welcome to request flavors, colors, and decorations. It is likely I’ll be able to accommodate most of your wishes within European pastry arts standards and available in the U.S. ingredients. When placing an order, please specify the desired cake size or number of portions, dietary restrictions, and other important details.

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