Ampersand Cake

Ampersand Cake

“Ampersand” Cake

Delicately sweet, crispy hazelnut meringue and praline cremeux layers, decorated with almond flavored Chantilly and white chocolate pearls. Pairs well with icy cold brut and hot coffee.


“Tropical Sunrise” Pastry

Everyone’s favorite, this dessert is composed of the thin cookie base, juicy tropical fruit (passion fruit + pineapple + mango) center, soft cheese mousse, and glazed with the same tropical fruit puree. All ingredients are the highest quality and 100% natural. The fruit part is variable.


“Mandarin Express” Dessert

Another crowd pleaser, this European dessert celebrates a combination of citrus and nutty flavors — orange, blood orange, mandarin, clementine, hazelnuts, praline, caramelized milk chocolate.

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