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Shenyang University Logo

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Товарищество с Кулинарной Ответственностью

Товарищество с Кулинарной Ответственностью

Intensive 4-day Course of Chinese Cuisine, CERTIFICATE

During my culinary trip to China in 2015 with a group of Russian chefs and food enthusiasts, I attended 4-day intensive course of Chinese cuisine at Shenyang University under the supervision of the VP of The Chef Association of Liaoning Province, the head of culinary critics in the Northeast of China. We visited a fresh market with professional chefs who gave us a tour introducing ingredients, giving instructions choosing and prepping the best regional produce. Four seasoned local chefs covered four main culinary schools of China and demonstrated signature dishes for each one. We had a chance to practice basic knife and wok skills, working in two commercial kitchens.

Our group spent a few days in four cities visiting large famous and small family restaurants as well as the best street and market food places. We observed and tasted all kinds of foods and drinks: Peking duck, old Peking style hot pot, and treats of Dunhuang Wangfujing Food Streets in Beijing; hands-on cooking classes and Manchu cuisine in Shenyang; the best known of China’s green teas Long Jing Tea (aka Dragon Well) in Hangzhou; Xiaolongbao in Shanghai.


Culinary coach and personal chef with extensive knowledge of cuisines from cultures around the world. I invite you into my cooking lab to share my discoveries.
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