Fresh Pasta

Fresh Pasta

Duration: 3 hours

Number of students: 3-6

Pricing: $65 per person

Price includes expert instruction, demo, dough for 4 portions of fresh pasta to cook at home, and 3 different pasta dishes to taste at the end of the class. Bring four 1-quart zip-locks and a cooler with ice.

Fresh Pasta Dough

Why bother to make fresh pasta when there are so many choices to buy dry pasta in any supermarket? The truth is fresh and dry pasta are entirely different. Dry pasta is typically made by mixing a coarse wheat flour and water. The dough is shaped and dried at low temperatures for optimal storage. When cooked, pasta has denser, firmer texture. It can be cooked longer and is usually served with heavy sauces.

Typical fresh pasta is made from a combination of flour and eggs. Eggs add water, proteins, and fat to the dough to make it silky and delicious. You don’t need laborious sauces to make fresh pasta exciting — two minutes of boiling in salty water, and just some butter and grated cheese will do the trick. Serve it with lean proteins and vegetables to have a quick, healthy meal.

Cooking Class Menu Options (your choice of 3)

  1. Fresh pasta with butter and cheese
  2. Fresh pasta with chives butter and prawns
  3. Fresh pasta with vegetable sauce and cheese
  4. Fresh pasta with mushrooms and creamy sauce
  5. Fresh pasta with chicken and sauteed vegetables

Appearance. Please make sure your nails are well groomed and clean. If you have long hair, tie it back or cover it. Have comfortable clothes and shoes. I’ll provide you with an apron.

Please, let me know if you have any food or kitchen chemicals allergies.

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