rye bread toasts + bacon and wild garlic spread
rye bread toasts + double smoked bacon

Salo (Ukrainian: сало) is a traditional predominately Slavic food consisting of cured slabs of fatback (rarely pork belly), with or without skin. Often translated to English as “bacon” or “lard,” salo has little or no meat and it is not rendered. Salo is often chopped and mixed with garlic as a condiment for borsch. Thinly-sliced salo on rye bread rubbed with garlic is a traditional snack to accompany horilka.

tongue of the mother-in-law (about)
Thin long slices of eggplant are fried in organic sunflower oil. A combination of sweet salad and hot peppers are mixed with fresh garlic and a touch of vinegar for the stuffing.


red borsch (about)
Rich, thick and dense, bright red, piping hot, always served with a dollop of a sour cream on top. My father and brother would say: “There is a borsch and there is red soup with beetroots and tomatoes. These are two very different things.”
OR ox tail green borsch (seasonal) (about)
Similar to red borsch, there are many variations of green borsch in Ukraine. Sorrel and other greens are the main hero in this soup, they create the flavor and pack it with spring goodness!


OR stuffed bell peppers
Cabbage leaves or sweet bell peppers (seasonal) are stuffed with pork shoulder meat and rice and slowly baked with tomato-based sauce.


makivnyk (about)
Traditional poppy seed roll or pastries.
OR my Mom’s apple rogaliki (about)
Flaky crescent pastries filled with apple confiture and sprinkled with turbinado sugar.

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