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New closed Facebook Group is created for those of Lyukum Cooking Lab followers who would like to be informed about coming and new events — classes, tasting parties, etc. In addition, I am going to share everything I have to say about food and cooking on the go. Most of postings will be bilingual (English + Russian). News and announcements for local clients will be in English only. You do not need to be my Facebook friend to join the group, but you have to send me a personal message with request via Facebook. See you there!

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Lyukum Cooking Lab closed Facebook group

There are two new cooking classes coming, on August 27 (10:30am) and on October 1, 3pm: Smoking Hot! Join these classes via Thumbtack or Facebook group.

4-8 people
indoors mostly
$55 per person

Do you like smoky flavor? Do you know that it takes no longer than 15 minutes to make most of hot smoked dishes with stovetop smoker? If you own Cameron’s stovetop smoker or think about adding it to you kitchen cookware collection, join this class! I own Camerons for more than 10 years and I use it for smoking meat, poultry, dairy, fruit, vegetables, grains — almost anything. I’ll share my experience, tips and tricks I learned over years, will show you how quick and easy it is to use this smoker.

we will make and eat (non-vegetarian):
1. Stuffed and smoked chicken breasts (gluten-free)
2. French omelette with smoked scallops (gluten-free)
3. Smoked burgers (gluten) OR riblets (gluten-free)


we will make and eat (vegetarian and gluten-free):
1. appetizers with smoked plumcots, brie, and thyme
2. shakshuka (poached eggs) with smoked tomatoes
3. smoked hominy grits with sauté vegetables

Cooking is…

Sometimes I try to imagine people, whose lives have never been affected by cancer, who don’t have any relatives, friends, or co-workers ever diagnosed with this disease. It seems impossible. Most people are aware of it. Yet, when it comes to caregiving and helping to cancer patients many of us might feel helpless. We hope we are helping, but are we really? We never truly know someone’s needs until we’ve walked the same mile in their shoes. In case of cancer, nobody really wishes to share neither shoes nor miles. Read more

Sushi Class Follow-Up

Sushi Class

Books I Recommend

The Story of Sushi: An Unlikely Saga of Raw Fish and Rice
Japanese Farm Food
The Sushi Experience

Online store Korin

For Angel

Chinese Gastronomy Paperback – 1982
by Hsiang Ju Lin (Author), Tsuifeng Lin (Author), Lin Yutan (Preface)

Angel, you will be looking for “Creamy Stock” section. Here is a link to my photo album with step-by-step illustrations on Flikr: Creamy Stock

This is the Chinese ancestor of Tonkotsu stock. “Tonkotsu 豚骨: Pork bones and the ramen made therefrom. Tonkotsu’s name and taste are derived primarily from the broth rather than the tare.” I think you meant this style, no tsukemen. “Ramen’s popularity has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade, and one of the most notable trends has been the rise of tsukemen. As much a different concept of ramen as a regional style, undressed tsukemen noodles are dipped into an accompanying bowl of fishy, barely diluted broth before slurping.” (the source is below) If you combine your creamy stock and shoyu flavors, you’ll get something to die for!

A Guide to the Regional Ramen of Japan

Chef David Chang about ramen: Mind of a Chef / Episode: Ramen

Off-Topic: The Stove of My Dream

La Cornue
Wilson AC & Appliance showroom
Address: 4205 Highway 290, Dripping Springs, TX 78620
Phone:(512) 894-0907
Monday 8:30 am – 6:00 pm
Tuesday 8:30 am – 6:00 pm
Wednesday 8:30 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday 8:30 am – 6:00 pm
Friday 8:30 am – 5:30 pm
Saturday 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Sunday Closed

Romantic Food

My Perfect Breakfast

Saint Valentine’s Day is coming. There will be requests for cooking classes and events for couples. I have some ideas, but I’d like to hear from you and be ready for more.

What is your the most romantic culinary experience?

Would you like to learn how to surprise your sweetheart with a perfect romantic breakfast? Would it make you a hero if you guess what food makes him or her really happy?

Would you like to cook something together with your sweetheart? Do you know what he or she values the most — helping you or being helped in the kitchen?

If you are my guest, what would you like me to serve for you as a romantic dinner? Is it something outrageously exotic you dream to share with your sweetheart for the first time? Is it his or her comfort food from the childhood?

My perfect romantic food is on the picture. Because I am always happy on Hawaii.

Я начала беседу на эту тему по-русски в жж и мы даже вычислили формулу романтичности еды. И поэтому необходимость в развернутом выступлении с моей стороны отпала.


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