One-on-one or small group classes are designed to let you take what you learn home and put it to work in your kitchen. They vary in focus, cooking style, and curriculum. Basic cooking methods and advanced techniques, common local ingredients and modernist pantry, better budget control, and home kitchen logistics — I share my knowledge and experience with you, so you can enjoy every aspect of cooking and eating at home.

Be my co-host. Getting people together for culinary events is one of the most sensitive parts of my business. It’s a lot of work behind the scenes! Apps allow us to stay organized, but there is nothing to replace all needed human interactions — to answer questions, help to choose recipes/skills to learn, collect food tolerance-allergy-preferences info, send reminders and driving directions, etc. I have a reward system for those of you who become my co-hosts:

  • bring a group of 5 to my cooking class or tasting event, and get 50% off your ticket; bring a group of 9, and your ticket is for free
  • bring a group of 5 to my cooking class or tasting event 3 times, and get your 4th cooking class or tasting event for free.
  • bring a group of 9 to my cooking class or tasting event, and get your ticket is for free.

Below are examples of cooking classes I teach. I work with my customers to create classes that perfectly match their needs. To request my culinary instructor services please fill out Cooking Class Request Form.
Kate has been very creative and responsive to our group’s ideas for cooking classes. Her passion for cooking and teaching really shows in all she does. Her kitchen lab is gorgeous. Friends and I attended a tasting demo and found the food to be amazing and Kate’s warm hospitality to be top notch! — Vicki Z.

Our book club met at Katya’s house last night to have a group lesson in making crepes – what a wonderful experience! We cooked, laughed, talked, tasted and learned all evening long. Thank you – thank you for making me excited about cooking again – I actually am going to try making crepes at home this week! — Sherry B.

The class was extremely educational and memorable. Kate explained the science behind the processes and ingredients which made it intriguing and most definitely captivated my boyfriend. I walked away knowing I would be able to replicate the recipe and do so with confidence. Her hospitality was above and beyond. No detail spared. We look forward to doing another class with Kate and hopefully bring others with. Oh… And the family raved about the beautiful Japanese Cheesecake Soufflés! — Courtney W.

Pizza Party
Smoking Hot!
Steaks 101
Romantic Breakfast: Mastering Eggs Recipes
Eastern-European Fresh Cheese: Tvorog
How to Debone a Chicken
The Best Tart Shell
Around the World with Eggplant Recipes
Homemade Bread: Rich and Tender
Homemade Bread: Ciabatta
Hatching the Hatch
Fresh Pasta
Wild, Wild, Wild Ramps!
Veal Brown Stock and Demi-Glace
Makisushi, Rolled Sushi
Local Flavors: Mexican/Tex-Mex — Block 3
Local Flavors: Mexican/TexMex — Block 2
Local Flavors: Mexican/Tex-Mex — Block 1
Taste of Thai — Block 3V (vegetarian)
Taste of Thai — Block 3S (seafood)
Taste of Thai — Block 2
Taste of Thai — Block 1
Taste of India — Block 3
Taste of India — Block 2
Taste of India — Block 1
World of Dumplings
DIM SUM Super Soft and Fluffy Steamed Buns
DIM SUM Taiwanese Steamed Buns
Flat Bread Stuffed with Greens and Feta
Hazelnut Macarons with Beurre Noisette Cremeux
Japanese Soufflé Cheesecake
Basic Meringue and Whipped Cream
Ossetian Pies
German Pretzel (Brezel)
French Crepes
Shrimp Bisque
Exciting Chicken Breasts: Deep Fried (Chicken Kiev)
Exciting Chicken Breasts: Smoked
Exciting Chicken Breasts: Poached
Escoffier’s Cream of Mushroom Soup
French Onion Soup


Culinary coach and personal chef with extensive knowledge of various ethnic cuisines,
I bring my best discoveries to you!