Cooking Classes

One-on-one or small group classes are designed to let you take what you learn home and put it to work in your own kitchen.

Tasting Events

Are you and your friends curious and adventurous eaters? Be my guests!


I cater European and Eastern-European appetizers and desserts for up to 24 guests.

Food Photography

Food is beautiful! My photography is the result of my uncontrollable desire to share it.

About me

Culinary coach and personal chef with extensive knowledge of various ethnic cuisines, I bring my best discoveries to you!


My culinary roots are in Ukrainian cuisine. I grew up with traditional Ukrainian dishes. My passion for the diverse culinary traditions and rich history of my homeland continues today, and I will gladly share it with you. I have lived in Texas Hill Country long enough to call it my home, not to complain about heat, and be a fan of TexMex and Mexican food. I continuously research scientific, historical, and cultural aspects of food through reading and traveling, experimenting and adjusting the recipes to available local and international ingredients and traditional as well as modern cooking methods. Great Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Singapore, Japan, China are among my culinary destinations and inspirations.


I have studied professional classic French cooking at Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts with one of the best teachers in Austin, Jason Reynolds. My internships in acclaimed Austin restaurants — Uchi, Contigo, and Siena — helped me to learn and practice professional kitchen skills. I attended an intense training for pastry arts professionals in Spain to study modern European deserts.

My Master of Fine Arts Degree and years of experience as graphic designer give me a strong basis for aesthetic skills and creativity with food.

My Philosophy

Home cooking is important part of our lives. It gives us an ability to control the healthiness of our food. We can adjust any meal to our personal taste. Initial investment into basic skills and proper tools pays back with savings on time and money spent on food. Dining at home gives us more quality time with family and friends sharing cooking and eating experience.

Food is beautiful. Fresh, raw ingredients, and how they open up and transform when prepped, combined, and cooked is a delight to see. Even with complete understanding of the science behind each process, these transformations are nothing short of a miracle. Food is to be respected and enjoyed with all of our senses. Presentation of food is just as important as its preparation and requires a lot of care and attention to detail. This is my inspiration for food styling and photography.

When we expand our culinary experiences, food makes us learn more about our world.


Culinary coach and personal chef with extensive knowledge of various ethnic cuisines,
I bring my best discoveries to you!